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Drop Your Pants & Dance!

We teamed up with Capital Cities in NYC to kick off Underwareness with a few thousand of our closest friends!

Relive our epic launch party. Check out Capital Cities wild performance. Check out "Mighty" Mike McGee's crowd interviews. Find out who dropped their pants. Then help spread the word. We'll donate $1 to charity for every video shared to support Underwareness*!

Launch Party for Underwareness

See what happened when we teamed up with Capital Cities for a huge dance party in NYC to launch Underwareness.*

Capital Cities & Underwareness

Capital Cities performs their song "Center Stage" for Underwareness.*

The Fashion Show

The Fashion Show Underwareness* is all about being bold and beautiful. Watch highlights from our launch party's fashion show.

Mike McGee & Underwareness

Watch as our favorite poet spreads Underwareness* and interviews people who proudly dropped their pants for the cause.

What is Underwareness?

Underwareness* is both a social movement and a charitable cause. Over 65 million Americans experience bladder leakage, and nearly half of them are under age 50. But nobody wants to talk about it. Until now.

  • 1 in 4** Americans


    Bladder Leakage

    **Between the ages of 20 and 85

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Drop Your Pants

Bladder leakage is more common than you may think. In fact, one in four Americans** experiences the condition. To help spread awareness, we asked TV-star Sheryl Underwood and slam-poet "Mighty" Mike McGee to share their stories and explain why they believe Drop Your Pants* for Underwareness* is a cause worth supporting.

**Ages 20-85

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  • How many millions of Americans under age 35 experience bladder leakage?

    click your choice!


    That's Right!

    Out of the 65 million Americans who live with bladder leakage, 12 million are under age 35.

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Tell Your Story #DropYourPants & #Underwareness on YouTube Logo

Head over to our YouTube channel. Make a video about what Underwareness* means to you. Tag it #DropYourPants or #Underwareness. Watch this space. If your video makes the cut, you'll see it here soon!

    $3 Million Pledge

    To support Underwareness*, Depend® has pledged to donate up to $3 million to these charities over the next three years to advance the support and education of bladder leakage issues. But we need your help—share our photos and videos with friends to spread Underwareness*!

    The Simon Foundation for Continence brings the topic of incontinence out into the open to help people with the condition, their families and health professionals.

    United Way advances the common good by creating opportunities for all people. Depend® and United Way are coming together to promote healthy, active, and independent living throughout an individual's life.

    Help Us Reach $3 Million Over the Next Three Years

    Take part in Underwareness* and Depend® will donate $1 to charity — up to $3 million over 3 years! Share a Photo or video. Attend an event.Request a sample. And tag your social posts #Underwareness or #DropYourPants. Your participation counts - so Drop Your Pants* for Underwareness*!

    Read the full details of our $3 Million Pledge here.

    • 23 Million Americans under age 45 experience bladder leakage

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    At Depend®, we believe wearing a different kind of underwear is no big deal—and we're willing to prove it. Join Depend® employees and Drop Your Pants* for Underwareness* to help spread awareness about bladder leakage and to help us donate up to $3 million to charity over the next three years.

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